Made Wrong - Troy Kinne

Made Wrong - Troy Kinne

Sat 25 May 7:00 PM

Allocated Seating
60 Mins
Presented By: Live Seats

A show where Kinne shares too much information about all of the things wrong with him. And when you’re in your mid 40s dating someone in their 30s, those things wrong with you are going to become slightly more apparent. But hey, if it means you get to walk away from the show feeling better about yourself, then he's happy to take one for the team.

Best known for his TV shows Kinne (Ch7), Kinne Tonight (Ch10) & his viral ‘Kinne videos’ that have racked up millions of views worldwide, Troy Kinne sold out every show of his last Australian tour. Now he's back with a brand new show that won ‘Best Solo Show of the Festival’ at the Melbourne Comic’s Lounge. Don't miss out!

"Comic Genius" - The Daily Telegraph
"A rapid-fire night of laughs" - Herald Sun


185 Timor St Warrnambool, Victoria, 3280